Jamie Oliver goes into Administration.

Jamie Italian went into Administration today with over 1300 jobs at risk if being lost. More & more restaurants are going into administration as each day goes by.

More people are losing their jobs and with the catering sector as a whole under pressure to fill seats and chefs wages still low paid by some companies. Should we take a stand or continue as we are?

With an estimated 21000 chefs leaving the industry over the coming two years, It leaves the industry short of chefs to cook the food that makes the meal.

Yes, we do have pubs using Chef Mike for two minutes at a time for a quick meal and more catering venues using packets sauces to make a chefs life easier but when will it come to an end.

My local College had to shut down there catering course in September last year have they had 6 people for 35 spaces. This is the case nearly everywhere you go. I was reading an article yesterday by a well-known chef who said that we should stop opening restaurants & Hotels and let the market reshape is self over the next 5 years. Is this really the case?

What is the answer and when will it all end is the question?



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