Is being a chef good for you?

Are we Crazy??

We all know from time to time that we have them little moments when you just had enough. I have been there myself but we always push on and keep going for the sake of it.

Is it worth it, that is the question? How many times have you walked out of a temp position or permanent job just because someone has pushed you too far? You have to keep going without fearing the worst and work for the best.

Depression can put people in a very low place but there is a help. You have a friend to talk too or a doctor you can see, you are never alone. More chefs are turning to drink & drugs. I known chefs in the past who end the service with a 1 person party but this is never the answer. We as humans have to focus on life is self and help ourselves by doing the right thing. That includes sleeping 7+ hour per night and eating the right diet but we know as chefs this will never happen.

I think that the best thing you can do is to not be quiet. To say to our brothers and sisters who work in front of a stove or in the front of the house what I wish someone had told me a long time ago how to get by without harming or hitting the depression stage.

But for those of us who suffer, day in and day out, I would say this: If you break your ankle, you’re not going to keep running around on it as if nothing were wrong. You’re going to go to the doctor and get a cast. Mental illness, whether you can see it or not, is just as real, just as debilitating, and just as common. Don’t just shrug it off. Do something about it.

We are one. There is always a helping hand with the chef next to you or the family at the end of the phone you can call. You can also call Samaritans on 116 123 or email

Depression is a common mental health problem that causes people to experience low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration (Nhs). Know the signs and talk.

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Jamie Oliver goes into Administration.

Jamie Italian went into Administration today with over 1300 jobs at risk if being lost. More & more restaurants are going into administration as each day goes by.

More people are losing their jobs and with the catering sector as a whole under pressure to fill seats and chefs wages still low paid by some companies. Should we take a stand or continue as we are?

With an estimated 21000 chefs leaving the industry over the coming two years, It leaves the industry short of chefs to cook the food that makes the meal.

Yes, we do have pubs using Chef Mike for two minutes at a time for a quick meal and more catering venues using packets sauces to make a chefs life easier but when will it come to an end.

My local College had to shut down there catering course in September last year have they had 6 people for 35 spaces. This is the case nearly everywhere you go. I was reading an article yesterday by a well-known chef who said that we should stop opening restaurants & Hotels and let the market reshape is self over the next 5 years. Is this really the case?

What is the answer and when will it all end is the question?



The Season is Upon Us

The season is nearly here and that means it is time to get them Knifes cleaned and the shoe’s polished. Winter has gone but we know winter can be a stop-start season. Work is picking up and companies are in need of staff & asking for help so is time to get the whites out steam cleaned and ready to hit the season of silly hours. Crazy services but more important, Be yourself and be happy and if you feel low or you find it hard to cope. There is always someone to talk too.